In my education, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a variety of piano teaching techniques, both in European and American universities. During the years of my education  and my teaching career I realized that more important than accurately performing the music score, is to encourage the students to feel and enjoy the music they play, to inspire them to think critically and independently. Furthermore, my extensive experience in teaching piano to students of all levels has taught me the value of synthesizing various approaches for interpretation, understanding, and appreciation of music.

I strongly believe that the learning process is a collaboration between pupils and an instructor. It is my expectation that students not only learn from me, but that I learn from them, as well.

As a teacher, I use diverse techniques to engage the students in the learning process such as classroom demonstrations, homework assignments, discussions, group projects, etc. I know, however, that very few lesson plans work perfectly, so I will adapt my teaching techniques to meet my students’ needs. I work with my students in a loving and caring, understanding, and encouraging way. I also believe that patience, flexibility, and enthusiasm are essential attributes of a good teacher. In my piano studio the students will learn to perform solo or ensemble music, according to their abilities and desire, facts about composers and music periods, musical forms and styles.

I believe that the impact of the teacher on the students goes far beyond the simple subject matter of piano playing. As a music educator my main goals are to encourage and help the students to become educated and well rounded musicians.

I look forward to sharing my vision, knowledge, and experience with everyone who wishes to join the wonderful world of music.

Pavlina Draganova